Friday, August 9, 2013

If Tomorrow Never Comes

August 8, 2013, my brother Roger would have been 50 years old. It's difficult to understand how a seemingly healthy person can walk through the front door of a doctor's office and leave through the back door headed to the morgue. When Roger died last December of a pulmonary embolism we were all saddened and heart broken. As a wife I can't imagine living one day on earth with out my beloved husband. As a mother it seems unnatural to out live a child. As a child the death of a parent is a tragic loss when they mean so much to you. But we all have an appointment with death. Knowing that exact day would alter our life. Perhaps in a negative way. So what are we to do???? For each day to the fullest. Forgive, love, smile, cherish, believe in a life ahead that will be a never ending time of peace and happiness. We miss Roger. His sudden death emphasized the need to take nothing for granted. 

Judge not what you can not see. Simply because a person looks healthy on the outside does not mean that all is well inside. 

Be compassionate. Find goodness. Love like there will be no tomorrow. You never know when you will draw your last breath. And personally, I want my last breath to be remembered as that of love and kindness. 

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