Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The name sounds kind of funny
Most folks have no idea
When I tell them what I've got

The autonomic system
Controls the fight or flight
My brain and nerves misfire
They just do not work right

Simple things should be controled
Blood pressure, breathing, heart rate
Oftentimes I sweat profusely
On medications I gain weight

My stomach's always hurting
Food allergies, nausea, bloating
Poor digestion, crazy taste buds
Little movement, excessive sweating

I rise up in the morning
Restless legs and more poor sleep
Dizziness, low pulse and weakness
I lay in bed and sometimes weep

The day brings on more struggles
Flushing, hives and tender skin
Heat intolerance and fainting
Clamminess and constant pain

Going out to church or work
Seems like an easy task
Anxiety and feeling wired
Chest pains and short of breath

Sensitivity to light and noise
Skin that's tingling, numb and aches
Disabling fatigue, nerve pain
Brain fog, severe headaches

I have so many problems
Health issues times fifteen
You say you had no clue
Just try listening to me

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