Saturday, July 13, 2013

Play By The Rules To Lose

Wake up in the morning
Another restless night
I shuffle to the kitchen
Things just don't seem right

I grab a cup of coffee
And think about my day
Places to go and things to do
But there's no possible way

I used to go to work
Happy to be there
Now I stay at home all day
Does anyone really care

My passions have died
I didn't want them to
But my body isn't able
What else could I do

People say to keep my chin up
Sometimes that just gets old
This comes from those who have no clue
No matter what their told

It may seem mean or spiteful
Everyone thinks they know best
They live a fairly normal life
Separated from the rest

Those of us whose life has changed
Through nothing that we've done
Just because we've played by the rules
That doesn't mean we've won

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