Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Dust Jacket

When you deal with chronic pain daily you have time to read (if that’s something you enjoy – which I do). Recently I read a mystery novel. The dust jacket is sleek and shiny black. The title is of gold letters that seem to pop right off the cover. It’s written by a well-known author and I have read almost all of his books. But honestly, I’m a bit disappointed in this book. This tells me that just because most of his books are good, the dust-jacket doesn't make it great. It's also a reminder that just because the outside of an item, or the facade of a person, appears radiant and beautiful, the inside can be a total mess.

Have you ever met a person whose “dust-jacket” appeared faded and tattered but later you discovered their content refreshed your body and encouraged your soul? That's happened to me. Soon I looked right through this person's outer appearance and saw nothing but humility and love.
Life teaches us so much and there are so many lessons to learn if only we will open our minds to comprehend. We should look with our heart rather than our eyes.

No matter if my hair shows gray, my weight is not ideal or my clothes are not the latest fashion, I am so thankful that those who love me look beyond my “dust-jacket.” and knows that I am worth their love. Let's all read a "book" today whose dust-jacket looks less than desirable. Perhaps we will be touched, inspired or encouraged by its content.

Dealing with chronic pain, I know that I want people to see what's inside. Not the familiar smile that's forced. Or the pretty dress and painted face. We should give what we want to get. 


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