Monday, July 15, 2013

To My Husband & Others

I love him so much
He's always here for me
Without his loving support
I wonder where I'd be

When I wake up groggy
Because of countless meds
He'll make my favorite coffee
That he'll bring to me in bed

Spur of the moment trips
Are something of the past
He's sometimes disappointed
But that never really lasts

Headaches, nausea, cramping
The feeling of broken bones
Ringing ears and itchy eyes
A few reasons I stay home

My back is always hurting
Not just a little bit
My feet and legs are burning
A blaze that nerves have lit

The dizzy spells and sweating
Sore muscles, hurting skin
I can disappear for months
Not one call from my "friends"

They can't see my torment
They judge me needlessly
I just wish they understood
What's it like to live with me

He watches me so closely
I'm so proud to be his wife
This journey would be different
With out him in my life

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