Monday, June 3, 2013

Do I Have To Write It Down For You

Somedays i feel like I need to take a Sharpie marker and write LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING across my forehead. Okay, so I wake up, don't complain, get dressed and try to look presentable (especially if I'm going out). So I look good. That's what people keep telling me. "Well hey. You look good. You must be feeling better."

One time I just want to say, "No, you idiot, I still feel like crap."

I still can't sleep well. I can't sit, stand or lay down for any length of time without feeling terrible pain. I can't stand without getting dizzy. Sit without my legs and hips going to sleep. Walk more than a few feet without causing my legs and feet to burn like fire. I can't stand to feel my shoes on my feet or my bed sheets touch my toes. Some days my senses are not working correctly. They are in high over drive. I can't handle loud noises, strong smells or bright lights. My taste buds are either bland or burning. Often my head feels like it's about to explode. My skin is itching from the hives brought on from an out of control immune system. Taking a shower brings on more pain from feeling the water roll off my skin. Any movement at all causes dizziness and extreme bouts of sweating because my body does not know how to regulate temperature or blood pressure.

OK. So my friends know that I have a multitude of health issues. I've explained all of this before. But if I look good, well by golly I must feel good. That's TOTALLY NOT TRUE.........DO I HAVE TO WRITE IT DOWN FOR YOU.

K.I. Real

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