Saturday, June 1, 2013

Up And At 'Em

Nights filled with pain. Restless sleep. Doze off. Wake up. Toss. Turn. Move to get comfortable. Is that even possible? Not since I can remember.

People take for granted the simple things in life. Like a good night's sleep. Buying shoes that are stylish. Going to the mall. Planning lunch dates. Sitting through a movie.

Chores may have once been a nuisance. Mowing the grass. Shoveling snow. Washing the car. Now become things you long to do. Wishing you had not only the energy to do chores but an able body.

Lying in the bed. Mind racing from what needs to be done to what you know you can't do. No one realizes that you not only think about days past and what things were like. But you grieve for those days. What you know will never be.

So let's get up. Take our meds. Try to live. Doing little. Saying little. Feeling very small.

Up and at 'em.

K.I. Real

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